The Future of the Triple Lock Pension

The triple lock was introduced in 2010, a few years after the UK state pension had slumped to its lowest level as a proportion of full-time average earnings

How deep is the May-Juncker divide? And can it be bridged?

The negotiations between the UK and the EU 27 have got off to a flying impasse, as the weekend’s leaks reveal. The issue is not one of substance or irreconcilable differences in interests; it is purely about process. The talks about talks are deadlocked. The Council has decided the talks should have two phases with the…

The nuclear option: What a war with North Korea would look like

When Barack Obama left office, he reportedly told incoming president Donald Trump the most urgent challenge he would face was that of North Korea. North Korea has been working on developing its nuclear capabilities and intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). It aims to develop the capability to mount a nuclear attack on the mainland United States….

Is ‘fake news’ a fake problem?

Since the presidential election, “fake news” has become a buzzword leveraged by both sides of the political aisle, with many organizations directing resources toward understanding and fighting it. Some efforts focus on improving technology: Facebook recently integrated fact-checking into its publication process, while Google no longer allows Google-served advertising to appear on sites that “misrepresent”…