Witches Completed Over 200 of Their Rituals on Trump PHOTOS INCLUDED


As we posted last week, a mass hexing of President Trump was planned and subsequently completed on Friday. Well, now we have the photos of these alters and all sorts of things that were conducted in an apparent attempt to “bind” Trump and you can see some of them below or take a look at the Facebook page now set up with over 200 photos of the rituals conducted.


The document, detailing how to cast a spell that would bind Trump from committing harm has been circulating the web in both private and public witchcraft groups with a planned collective hexing was suggested for February 24th.

There have been marches, petitions, and demonstrations against Donald Trump, but this is definitely the stupidest yet.

The document also outlines alternatives and advanced versions of the spell, which could be read here.

I don’t want to live on this planet any more.

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  1. What you wish on he comes back to thee ! Karma is swift and not always kind

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  2. Arrow says:

    I think these witches are about to find out exactly how powerless they really are.

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  3. cadetserveroriginator says:

    We need to pray…I know I have joked about dems calling them demonrats…Now the latest headlines (at least CBN 700 Club) reported that witches are gathering to put curses on Trump & his supporters. People are reporting rats & mice hiding in cars and homes due to the wet weather. Join with me to reverse curses, break assignments, cast out physical & demonic rats, binding them & casting them to the Feet of Jesus. In the Name of Our Saviour Jesus, I reverse the hexes back onto the evildoers unto their possible salvation. Let the tormentors pester them. Cancel the curses off of Trump & his Supporters, instead keep releasing blessings for us and those Repentants and Innocents.

    Mice were trying to come into our farmhouse since we have quite a few feet of snow. Need my traps to be more effective by the Blood of the Lamb, I need supernatural intervention to stop their reproduction & presence. Stop any disease or other pests. I also put a hedge of protection all around with Your Holy Blood and Holy Fire. Thank you Father, because of The Son via The Holy Spirit! All those who agree, say yes and amen!


  4. Joanne Wolff says:

    Excuse me, but are your ridiculous “catholic rituals” any less stupid???

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