The shameful hypocrisy of Sweden’s ‘first feminist government’

Pipping even Speaker John Bercow to the award of biggest hypocrite of the week are the brave sisters of the Swedish government.

Here is a photo from earlier this month of Isabella Lovin (Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for International Development Cooperation and Climate and spokesperson of Sweden’s Green Party).


In response to Donald Trump’s male-heavy team, Isabella and the sisterhood (pregnant and non-pregnant) recently posed for this photo to signal that the self-declared ‘first feminist government in the world’ will be taking no lectures from the current US President:

Here, by contrast, (courtesy of the excellent UN Watch) is how the Swedish sisterhood behaved when they visited Iran this past weekend:


But who’s to call, hey? On the one hand you have an American President and former Miss Universe competition owner who has done nothing to diminish women’s rights. On the other, you have an Iranian President before whom all women must cover, and who presides over a legal system where nine-year-old girls can be legally raped and women are regularly hanged from cranes.

The contrasting approaches are emblematic of our stupid, signalling times. To President Trump it’s ‘Hey you, Mr bigot, get off my vagina.’ While to President Rouhani it’s ‘How’s my hijab, Mr President? Do just say if anything else about my body offends you.’ The sisterhood should enjoy it while it lasts.


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