Sean Spicer is the new day time TV Hit

  • Sean Spicer’s press briefings have brought in an average of 4.3million views
  • Audiences for CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC grow by ten percent when he is on air
  • The White House Press secretary has been involved in a number of exchanges with reporters since his tenure began
  • He accused journalists of ‘deliberately false reporting’ on inauguration during his first briefing
  • But Spicer himself has been accused of spreading misinformation 

Sean Spicer only began his tenure as Trump’s press secretary three weeks ago but it seems the White House aide is already daytime television’s new big hit. Despite reports that the administration is unhappy with his performance.

Spicer’s controversial press briefings have raked in an average of 4.3million views, the New York Times reported.

Nielsen ratings revealed Spicer’s news conferences have had more viewings than soap operas such as The Bold and the Beautiful and General Hospital. Audiences for Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC increase by ten per cent whenever he comes on air to discuss the latest news on the president.

The ratings are neck-and-neck with MasterChef Junior on Fox and Dr. Ken on ABC, drawing four million viewers each.

Spicer’s role as Trump’s political aide has so far only had a short run, but has been undoubtedly controversial.

During his first official press briefing, Spicer accused journalists of ‘falsely reporting’ on the size of the crowd during Donald Trump’s inauguration.

But Spicer himself was accused of making false statements when he infamously declared Trump drew the ‘largest audience to ever witness an inauguration.’

He also inaccurately stated more people used the D.C. Metro to travel to the inauguration, than they did for Obama in 2009.

Full day Metro ridership for Trump’s inauguration day was 571,000 and for Obama’s 2013 inauguration it was 782,000, according to the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority.

The attendance at Donald Trump’s inauguration soon became a point of contention and the press secretary has made multiple false statements on that occasion alone.

He added that ‘all the space was full’ during the ceremonial event, but aerial shots of the crowd that day proved otherwise.

In one of his recent blunders, Spicer cited a non-existent terror attack in Atlanta, but clarified on Thursday that he meant to reference the Orlando shooting.

The press secretary has had a series of gaffes in the public eye, one of the most notable is when he retweeted an article from the satirical site, The Onion which said Spicer’s role was to spread misinformation.

Previous White House press secretaries have had similar spikes in popularity during new presidencies, but interest has later waned.


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